Floor 3
Third floor of the McFaddin-Ward House Museum

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General Audience

Welcome to the Third Floor! This floor served multiple purposes during the family's time in this house. It was a play space where the kids roller skated, notice the scuffs on the floor from the metal roller skates. Perry, Jr. and Caldwell’s bedrooms are located on this floor as is W.P.H. 's home office, a designated billiards room, a full bath, and storage areas. Carroll Ward and the men in his wedding party dressed on the 3rd floor. Then, as the children grew up and left home to make lives of their own this part of the house was used primarily for storage.

As you navigate through this space, notice the transom windows above doors and the skylight that opens for ventilation, features included to help cool the large home on hot Southeast Texas afternoons. After about 1930 this floor was converted to storage space.
Travel Trunk
Third Floor Shared Bathroom
Skates, Roller
Third Floor Skylight