Floor 2
Second floor of the McFaddin-Ward House Museum

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The North Bedroom aesthetic is a stark contrast to the other bedrooms and experienced the most change of all the rooms on the second floor.
The bedroom was added in 1907 by enclosing two small service rooms and a small porch at the rear of the back hall on the second floor. Henry Conrad Mauer, original architect, designed the renovation. It’s assumed that Ida wanted her young boys close to her as this was their bedroom until about 1912, at which time they moved to the third floor.

The bedroom transitioned to W.P.H.’s dressing room. By utilizing this space W.P.H. wouldn’t wake a sleeping Ida when he left for the McFaddin’s ranch early in the morning. After W.P.H.’s passing in 1935, Carroll Ward used the room as his dressing room. Then, after his passing in 1961 Mamie invited long-time staff member Cecelia Smith to live in the space so they could look after one another in old age.

The aesthetic is more about functionality instead of popular decorating styles of the times.
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