Floor 3
Third floor of the McFaddin-Ward House Museum

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The Billiard room was a multi-purpose room. It was W.P.H’s home office, the McFaddin boys played and studied here, and it was a place to entertain friends and work associates. This room was considered a masculine space where men gathered to play cards, listen to music, shoot pool, and smoke cigars. When the space underwent restoration efforts, burlap samples were found behind existing wood trim, a popular wall covering in 1905. What is on the walls today is a replica of those found samples. An elevated area near the billiard table allows spectators to watch the game from comfortable chairs.
Billiards Table
Prohibition - Albertine Parker Oral History
Liquor Cabinet
W.P.H.'s Desk
Shotgun, Repeating Single-Barrel
Billiard Room Closet
Third Floor Skylight
Ted and Dab's Big Adventure