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First floor of the McFaddin-Ward House Museum

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This utilitarian work space was remodeled multiple times during the time the family lived in the home. The first change was in 1907 when John Conrad Mauer expanded the space, then again in the mid-twentieth century to incorporate changes in kitchen décor and technology. The stainless-steel counters were added in 1940, while the ceramic tile and Roper gas stove were added in 1955. Unlike kitchens in today’s homes, this was not considered the heart of the home. The staff and small children took their meals here, however, adult family members either dined in their rooms, in the formal dining room, or in the breakfast room. Multiple cooks worked in this space over the duration of the family’s time in this home.
Kitchen Stove/Oven
Kitchen Pantry
Kitchen Interphone
Kitchen Annunciator System
Basement Boiler Room